Government Relations

If your company sees opportunities in selling to governments – federal, provincial or municipal – but is uncertain about navigating the procurement process, you are not alone. At DP&A, our client-centered tailored approach to government relations begins with understanding your business, your issues and your objectives.

We immerse ourselves in your challenges and opportunities to construct strategies to educate and inform with a view to shaping opinion and influencing key decision makers. Our careful and deliberate planning process allows us to build a government relations, communications and outreach plan that responds directly to your specific needs.

Planning is merely a prelude to the principal deliverable – the skilled and professional execution of the strategy with great attention to detail. At the front end, we can help position you for success or, if you are experiencing problems with a contracting authority, we can troubleshoot the problem and propose a solution. Our value proposition to our clients is simple. We produce strategies which deliver tangible, measureable and effective results for our clients.



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