Foreign Relations

At DP&A, we draw on a wealth of experience accumulated by senior officials who have advised ministers and ministries of Foreign Affairs, Public Services and Procurement, Defence, Public Safety and International Trade.

For senior foreign diplomats and trade representatives who are new to Ottawa, embassies that are expanding or embassies that simply require additional support, we can provide a wide range of assistance.

This includes targeted briefings on political issues, matters of bilateral significance, special reports, support to military attachés and political/economic officers as well as guidance on political and media outreach.

In fact, if you have an issue or series of issues that need to be communicated to senior Canadian government officials, we can help you craft effective messages that will get the attention of decision makers. And if you have companies seeking to do business in Canada, we can also provide trustworthy advice and practical assistance.

Elections are watershed events in Canadian politics. We can help foreign delegations understand Canadian electoral politics so that their governments know what to expect from a new government when a political party is re-elected or defeated. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you, and your Government, so that you can better understand Canada and Canada can better understand you.


Embassy Programming & Briefings

Embassy Outreach Strategy & Engagement

Foreign Government Issue Development

Support to Military Attachés & Political-Economic Sections

Representation of Multinational Entities

Support for High Profile Foreign Visitors