Corporate Relations

At DP&A, we can provide a full range of corporate relations services for your company. Our team has substantial experience working on Parliament Hill, in key federal departments, agencies and non-governmental organizations. We can be your eyes and ears in Ottawa so you are not taken by surprise when the federal government decides to do things which may affect your business very directly.

Knowledge and information are pathways to influence and predictability. With a wide network of contacts, we can offer our clients targeted intelligence and reliable information often before important decisions are made.

Understanding the political environment and political motivations is a precondition for identifying what’s next in government spending priorities, programs or procurements.

Today’s policy making is not limited to government departments and cabinet ministers. In fact, there are more players on the political scene than ever before. Recognizing this dynamic is the first step toward implementing strategies that solve problems and assist you in achieving your goals. By building a strong presence in Ottawa and across Canada, we can be a force multiplier in augmenting your business development and marketing initiatives.


Being Your Ottawa Office

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Recalibrating Corporate Strategies

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Intelligence Gathering

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